It’s official now! I am so thrilled to announce that I will be teaching Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy at workshop during the Isle of Arts Festival in Gabriola Island.

It’ll be a fun event. I will introduce how to control brush in order to draw thin, thick, and straight lines and circles.
At the end, we’ll write your own name and Enso (Zen buddhist’s perfect circle) on washiest paper.

To resister:
Kazuko Ikegawa Shodo Workshop

All the festival information is also here:

I absolutely love the Gabriola Island where my yoga teacher lives. And every year my yoga Guru, Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati’s residential retreat held the beautiful island. I really have very strong feeling of tight connection to the island. I am so fortunate to be part of the art festival there.
If you haven’t been to Gabriola Island, I highly recommend to visit!
It’s only 20 minutes ferry ride from Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island.

My workshop is on April 9th, 6pm to 9 pm.


DSCN0901Beautiful beach on the island, which I really love!!!


Warm and beautiful summer is over. And September is good month of the year to start something new.
In Japanese we believe Autumn is good time to practice Japanese Calligraphy since we have longer night time. “Facing to the ink dish and make your ink in dark and long night.” It is ultimate meditation as well.

Our practice at SaBi Tea Arts is wonderful place to start.

Come join us and let’s create beautiful brush stroke!

SaBi Tea Arts Calligraphy Class Information: SaBi Tea Arts Calligraphy Lesson

Twice a month, every other Mondays 2pm – 4pm.

Please resister your lesson at SaBi Tea Arts contact us page.





毎月2回月曜日 午後2時から4時



New Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) class starts next month.
Every once a month from November 7th, Monday I am going to teach Japanese calligraphy at SaBi Tea Arts (

Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) instructor, Maiko Behr is going to lead beautiful Japanese macha tea after our calligraphy lesson.

Date: November 7th, 2016 2 pm – 4 pm. (1 hour calligraphy practice)
Lesson Fee: $25 including tea and sweets
Location: SaBi Tea Arts (3675 W 16th Avenue, Vancouver, BC – @ Dumber Street)

Next Date: December 12th, 2016 ; Monday 2 pm – 4 pm

Let’s enjoy Japanese calligraphy and tea together!

Please contact for registration.

As I wrote about Asian Heritage Month, I am so happy to upload photos from the exhibition.

English, French – represent Canada, Punjabi – from India, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Persian; total of seven languages.
All Asian countries and Canada celebrated our culture diversity through this poem at this event.

I’ve been so honored to be one did Japanese calligraphy to represent art of Japan – Shodo.
「東にもなければ 西にもなし 心の中に 境なし」

All of calligraphers are writing this beautiful Rumi’s poem “Neither East or West, there is no borders in my heart” in their own languages.

AsianHeritageMonth_2015-05-02 (6)

This is my work, in Japanese. The left is Persian and right is Chinese.

AsianHeritageMonth_2015-05-02 (3)

From right, there is English, Punjabi, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and French.

AsianHeritageMonth_2015-05-02 (4)

AsianHeritageMonth_2015-05-02 (7)

Although I took so much time to finish this piece, I felt very happy with this work.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

I was at Sun Yat Sen Garden in China town. I have just dropped off my calligraphy work for Asian Hestival at SFU. It’s on May 2nd! I am quite happy with my work to exhbit then.

Please check this out. I did a famous poem of Rumi in Japanese Calligraphy.
It’ll be at SFU building in downtown on May 2nd!


I was at a big company’s reception party. What I did there was sitting a booth then write attendants’ name in Japanese with Shodo brush.

It was great experience and attendants were very excited when I wrote their name in face!


OCt 17 (3) OCt 17 (1) OCt 17 (2)

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, but I’ve been enjoying my calligraphy practice as always.

This is my latest work. It was such a enjoyable project, one I haven’t done since the Kitanoya Guu’s interior.

Thank you for sending me the photo, Brent from Black Sheep Acupuncture.

The phrase is saying 『分析之西 統合之東 両者之合 是医之基』 . I really liked the phrase “Analytical of the west, Holistical of the east , Both comes together, They become base of medicine.”

I really thank all the luck I had and chance I met a great phrase.

Thank you!

My latest work in beautiful office at Black Sheep Acupuncture.

My latest work in beautiful office at Black Sheep Acupuncture.




Black Sheep Acupuncture という鍼灸院をされているブレントさんからご依頼いただき、 『分析之西 統合之東 両者之合 是医之基』 というフレーズを書くにいたりました。



Happy New Year!!!

I hope this new year brings us lots of joy and good health.

This year I would like to make my workshop happen soon.

Enjoy more calligraphy works with lots of people.

Hope to see you soon!

This is a video I found very interesting. This is a show about Sumi Ink which we use for calligraphy practice.



This April, I submitted my Calligraphy work to Shodo Canada.


Well, as I was substituting yoga classes during April, I had not much time to practice for this.

But I managed to mail it the day we were flying to Japan for a month.

After the competition, I didn’t receive any awards but they framed my work and had an exhibition in Toronto last November.


It looks nicer with the traditional framing. My work is in the middle “Hisshin”.


I will try my best next year as well.

It’ll be nice to be at the exhibition though…

If you are practicing Japanese Calligraphy, please consider to enroll in the competition next year!

Have a wonderful brush days!!!


I am brain storming for my first WS – SHODO Brush Play.

It’ll be fun time using Japanese Calligraphy brush and write on paper.
This is way of meditation as well!

More info is coming soon!