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Happy New Year!!!

I hope this new year brings us lots of joy and good health.

This year I would like to make my workshop happen soon.

Enjoy more calligraphy works with lots of people.

Hope to see you soon!

This is a video I found very interesting. This is a show about Sumi Ink which we use for calligraphy practice.




This April, I submitted my Calligraphy work to Shodo Canada.


Well, as I was substituting yoga classes during April, I had not much time to practice for this.

But I managed to mail it the day we were flying to Japan for a month.

After the competition, I didn’t receive any awards but they framed my work and had an exhibition in Toronto last November.


It looks nicer with the traditional framing. My work is in the middle “Hisshin”.


I will try my best next year as well.

It’ll be nice to be at the exhibition though…

If you are practicing Japanese Calligraphy, please consider to enroll in the competition next year!

Have a wonderful brush days!!!


Welcome to Kazuko Ikegawa’s blog.

I will add more my work photos and activities.